Naturally nobel

Manor style pate with the addition of wild boar, deer, rabbit or cranberry fruit is a combination of a recipe inspired by old Polish cuisine, only natural ingredients and a harmonious composition of spices. If you belong to the group of gourmets looking for the highest quality products, you should try this most delicious specialty among premium pates.

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  • Made of natural

  • Without gluten
    and preservatives

  • Without

  • Without artificial

Manor style pate come in 4 flavors. Each of them has been made exclusively of natural ingredients. All four kinds of pate, in the version with wild boar, deer, rabbit or cranberry, are the quintessence of culinary art, achieved as a result of combining craftsmanship with knowledge about old Polish meat specialties. Each of the recipes is a tribute to the old court traditions, where venison and forest fruit were an integral part of the richly set tables in the homes of the Polish nobility.

Manor pates are made of only the best types of meat, and their composition is free of preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and artificial additives. Moreover, they belong to gluten-free products, guaranteeing full flavor without sacrifice. Delicatessen pates have been closed in handy jars with a capacity of 130 g, which contain the perfect portion of the specialty, thanks to which an ordinary meal will turn into a magnificent feast like from a noble court.

with Wild Boar

Delicious, natural specialty with a distinctive taste obtained thanks to the combination of wild boar meat and the best quality pork.

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with Rabbit

Delicate but very filling pate with a noticeable nutty taste, characteristic of rabbit meat. They are made only of the best ingredients.

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with Duck

An excellent combination of the noblest poultry with pork and natural, aromatic spices.

Ingredients and description

with Deer

A unique pate offering an unprecedented taste experience thanks to the noble pork complemented with deer meat.

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